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Install OS in HP ProBook® 6445b

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What are the compatibility issues encountered while installing different operating systems in HP ProBook 6445b?

The HP ProBook 6445b is a laptop designed for professionals who want mobility, productivity and value at one place. The display screen of the laptop is 14 inch with diagonal HD LED-backlit display. The notebook has impressive design and has many innovative features. The increased durability of the unit is because of the magnesium alloy support structure. AMD Turion ,AMD Athlon and AMD Sempron are the processors available in HP ProBook 6445b. The system has a webcam with 2MP with dual microphone array. The option for Bluetooth, integrated HP mobile broadband powered by Gobi and Wi-Fi in the HP ProBook 6445b laptop helps users to stay connected from even the remotest of areas. This laptop has many security features and you are not required to remember the password and username because of the HP finger print sensor. Furthermore, the HP ProBook 6445b has built-in 8GB RAM and has 500GB hard drive for storage purposes. You, however, need to install an operating system in the system for the efficient execution of several application softwares in the system.

Here are some points that should help users grasp an idea about the issues that may occur during the installation of different operating System on the HP ProBook 6445b:

  • Purpose of OS
  • Issues that occur during the installation process
  • Tips to solve these issue

Purpose of OS

The operating system acts as a mediator between the computer hardware and the application programs. It manages the hardware of the system with assisted by several programs and data. The operating system manages the hardware and software of the system and is considered the backbone of a PC. The function of the operating system in a system is to monitor the programs and to check whether everything is running smoothly. Any attempt by unauthorized users to access data residing in the system is also thwarted by the operating system.

Issues that occur during the installation process

You might face several problems during the installation of different operating system in the PC. Sometimes problems might occur if your hardware do not meet the requirement of the operating system. Incompatibility of drivers in the system results in the improper working of the hardware. During the installation of a different driver, there is the chance of losing important files. There is also the threat of virus that needs to be taken into account during the installation process.

Tips to solve these issue

You need to replace the hardware after the installation of different operating system in the system. Also, the hardware should meet the requirements of the operating system in the system. You should keep backups of important files in the system before the installation of a different operating system so that accidental damage to files during the installation process can be countered. Ensure that you have a reliable antivirus running in the system when you carry out the installation process. Replace the old drivers with new drivers which are compatible with the new operating system.

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