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Connect an external monitor in HP ProBook® 6540b Notebook PC

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Need to connect an external monitor in HP ProBook 6540b Notebook PC?

HP ProBook 6540b Notebook PC comes along with advanced graphics options as HDMI. High-definition multimedia interface is used to transmit uncompressed digital data over multiple devices. The loss in quality in HDMI is fairly less as there is not any scope for conversions.

The following are some tips to connect an external monitor to HP ProBook 6540b Notebook PC:

  • Tips to connect external monitor
  • Things to remember
  • Benefits of external monitor

Tips to connect external monitor

The connection of an external monitor is established by connecting the system and the external monitor via HDMI cable. Following which the system is able to identify on the external monitor automatically. However, pressing the ‘FN’ and ‘F7’ keys together help in toggling between the laptop and the external monitor. If still it doesn’t work, then right click on the desktop and click on ‘Graphics Properties’, alternatively one can also select from ‘Start’, ‘Control Panel’ and ‘Appearance’ tab. Select on the extended desktop and multiple display. However, the primary display must be the laptops display.

Things to remember

Many a times due to the long-distance between the system and the external monitor, the need of a long HDMI cable arises. However, the excessively long cable between two of the devices might lead to inconveniences. While watching videos, there might be frequent dropouts and the reason behind is the excessively long cable. Therefore, the work around would be to disconnect the long cable and use a specified short HDMI cable by bringing the devices closer. When watching the HDMI output, there are white dots on the display, which means that there is a lot of data trying to come through the cable which the cable is not able to address. In such a situation, the images might come a little abrupt and the complete experience of watching could be poor. To avoid any such issue, it is important to read the manual of HP ProBook 6540b Notebook PC.

Benefits of external monitor

External monitor offers some advanced features with enhanced display and video experience. Watching pictures in one and thumbnails inothers, accessing inbox and e-mails at the same time will be possible. Moreover, there will be back up of the external monitor even if the primary fails thus the advantages of external monitor are many and undoubtedly it contributes in saving time and effort. Thus external monitor set up can bring more ease to navigation with wide scopes of entertainment. Therefore, external monitor is of great use to users who look for better video and picture experience.


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