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Problems in HP Probook® 6545b

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Information on problems in HP ProBook 6545b.

HP ProBook 6545b is another notebook launched by HP. The main features are AMD Turion ultra dual Core processor, 250GB internal storage capacity and maximum of 720 GB, 8 GB RAM, ATI mobility Radeon graphics. The display screen is of 15.6 inch backlit led with antiglare having the resolution 1366 x 768. It supports Bluetooth, wireless support, expansion slots and security tools. It comes built in with 9 cell lithium battery. The common problems found in HP ProBook are keyboard problems, touchpad problems, virus problems, overheating problems, sound problems, wireless LAN problems etc. the problems can be avoided by installing correct drivers and Operating System.

Tips to solve the problems in HP ProBook 6545b:

  • Keyboard problems
  • Overheating problems
  • Virus problems

Keyboard problems

Keyboard problem is one of the major issues found in the HP ProBook 6545b. The main issue comes with the device drivers of the laptop, improper installation or the installation of the outdated drivers on the system would lead to hardware problems. Each manufacturer has different drivers for the keyboard. So if you install the wrong drivers, then the keyboard would not work. You must download the genuine software. Pirated software cannot work because the antivirus can automatically disable it for the protecting the system.

Overheating problems

The other problem is overheating issue. Overheating occur due to many reason. Improper working of the fan is the major issue. If this happens the processor gets heated and sudden shut down could occur on the system. Another major issue is the clogging of the air vents. Blocked air vents prevent the hot air from leaving the HP ProBook 6545b system there by heating the system. Ensure that the laptop is used in a cool environment and there is sufficient possibility of dissipating any excessive heat generated.

Virus problems

Most of the system face virus problems throughout their operation. Virus might change the system files causing repeated shut down, driver malfunction, system slow down etc. a good antivirus might solve the existing problems. You must perform daily scans to make sure that your system is free from all types of online threats. An updated antivirus is recommended for all the system. Update the antivirus on the system periodically and schedule a scan on the system. This can also ensure that no virus infection can affect the functioning of your laptop.


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