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iYogi Scam Alerts Informs about Fake Antivirus Scam


Cyber criminals are always on a hunt for new ways to trap gullible people and rob them of their hard earned cash. iYogi, the provider of on-demand remote tech support services, highlights the  fake antivirus scam through ‘iYogi scam alerts’ series in order to prevent you from being a victim. The scammers scare the Internet users that their computer system has virus or malware that might ruin the performance as well as the PC. They further insist the victim on buying fake antivirus software. Once the user is convinced or believes the scammer, whose only aim is sell the fake product and make money. This fake software not only drastically affects the performance of the PC but there’s always a fair chance of them inserting malicious content to pull the sensitive information of the user. Hackers are generally looking out for ways to get your personal information, which can result in identity theft and huge losses. Read more…


    Mitchell Johnson

    This update enhanced my knowledge about such scams. Thanks to iYogi guys for providing knowledge about this fake antivirus scam

    Thomas Rodriguez

    This has been quite enjoyable and informative item to read. I appreciate your iYogi Scam alerts for the regularity and quality of content in your alertsJ

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