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HP TouchSmart® 600 Quad DVD Drive

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What are the problems one may face with DVD drive of HP TouchSmart 600 Quad laptop?

Although the DVD drive of your HP TouchSmart 600 Quad laptop might be quite useful, but sometimes it can display unwanted troubles. The following article gives you a brief idea about these problems and easy ways to overcome them. Issues related to DVD drive of your HP TouchSmart 600 Quad laptop are:

  • Uncontrollable write speed
  • Failure to play movies
  • Pixilated output
  • Few easy to use tips for solving these problems

Uncontrollable write speed

Many a time people face this issue with HP TouchSmart 600 Quad DVD drive. When writing DVD+R and DVD-R discs, a brand of disc which is usually compatible with the system the does not provide with any option of setting the write speed of the drive. Instead it shows an error message “Invalid parameter” on the screen. It also says that the laptop is successively operating Windows® XP Professional.

Failure to play movies

The second most common issue with HP TouchSmart 600 Quad DVD drive is that when people go abroad with their Windows® XP laptops they fail to play the movies DVDs which they usually use in their country. The system displays messages like “Windows Media Player is not able to play this DVD as a compatible DVD decoder has not been installed on the computer”.

Pixilated output

The third kind of issue that people face with HP TouchSmart 600 Quad DVD drive is that output of certain discs becomes pixilated. A few of them stop playing after about 50 minutes.

Few easy to use tips for solving these problems

The first problem discussed is the most common problem people using HP TouchSmart 600 Quad DVD drive face. When the system cannot read or write onto the discs, enter the Device Manager and open the DVD/CD-ROM drives grouping of devices. Just make a right click on the model of the drive in that category, and then choose uninstall from the menu that comes up. Then reboot the computer making Windows Vista® or Windows® XP reinstall the device drivers that might have become corrupted. In the second case Windows® 7 and Windows Vista® have an in built DVD decoder, but this feature is missing in Windows® XP. Roxio Creator 7 does not work as its player can play only non-commercial discs, which do not make use of CSS encryption. The third kind of problems with HP TouchSmart 600 Quad DVD drive can be solved by avoiding cheap and non-branded discs, as they are usually inferior in quality. Some of these might have been rejected by major manufacturers. Just visit the site of DVD drive or player manufacturer’s website, as it often provides appropriate information regarding brands of disc that have been tested as perfectly compatible with that DVD drive/player.


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