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External monitor in HP TouchSmart® 600 Quad

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Know more about external monitor in HP TouchSmart 600 Quad

HP TouchSmart 600 Quad is an elegant PC which offers powerful and intelligent performance with Intel i5 processor. It offers a wide screen of 23 inches in it. The turbo boost technology in it offers maximum speed for creating HD videos, playing games and editing photos. Then it has been equipped with GT 230 graphics cards. The sound quality in HP TouchSmart is awesome. It creates the same digital effect as in digital studio. The TouchSmart advantage in HP TouchSmart eliminates the need of dragging the mouse. And thus you might use your fingers for speedy access to entertainment, data, information and communication. For the protection against malware, spyware and other online threats, these HP TouchSmart 600 Quads have been preinstalled with security software. And for storage, it has been equipped with 750 GB to 1TB hard drive. The HP TouchSmart 600 Quad has the ability to connect an external display such as CRT monitor, flat panel display or projector, and also transfer the display to the newly connected monitor.

There are certain things to be kept in mind while connecting external monitor in HP TouchSmart 600 Quad. And they are as follows:

  • Connection of USB
  • Adjust the resolution
  • Attachment of monitor

Connection of USB

Logic cables of 15 pins are required to connect the external monitor to your PC. And the logic pin goes to the VGA connector of your laptop. This would be a 15 pin female connection. So, plug in the logic cable to this serial connection. Then power on the laptop and monitor.

Adjust the resolution

Sometimes you might see that the newly connected monitor not working properly. This problem happens due to changes in the display resolution. So while changing the display ensures that the monitor is detected by the operating system. And this could be verified by the Windows Manager and assure that the monitor is listed in it.

Attachment of Monitor

Great care must be taken while connecting external monitor in your laptop. As the external monitor you could make use of some displays, Flat panel or projector. Then you might connect the external monitor after powering on the device. And while connecting you should ensure that the connections are made in to 15 pin slot


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