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Factory Settings in HP Touchsmart® tm2t

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Provide tips to restore factory settings in HP Touchsmart tm2t

HP Touchsmart tm2t, one of the most advanced convertible tables comes with a lot of cool features that mark it as one of the most reliable and easy to manage laptops. It has a distinctive designed, a long life battery and one of the most advanced screens, able to rotate almost 180 degrees. With a memory size of 3GB RAM and a storage space of 500GB storage space for different data, for photos, videos, movies or music is not a problem in HP Touchsmart tm2t, even if, it use an external optical drive the other features recommend it as one of the best laptops.

Following are the guidelines to restore factory settings in HP Touchsmart tm2t:

  • Factory settings
  • Restore the factory settings
  • Things to keep in mind

Factory settings

When you are resetting your laptop to its original factory settings, all the content from a hard drive gets lost. The process is ideal in case you want to sell your laptop. This method is also recommended in case that the computer encounter some problems that can’t be resolved through other methods. The process might last for an hour and it is very easy.

Restore the factory settings

Before starting the restoring process it is a must to back up all your important data on an external media. Taking into account that all the data from the hard disk can be lost, saving them can help you to recover them later. Now you can start the restoring process. Insert the recovery disc in the laptop disc drive and then restart the computer. In this way you are launching a program that can guide you during the recovery process. All you have to do is to follow the steps prompted on the screen.

The next step you must take is to access the recovery files located on the hard drive of the laptop. After you have restarted the computer you must follow the instructions displayed on the black screen. These instructions will tell you what key you have to use to access the management module. Select ‘Reset’ option and follow the prompted indications to start the process. Wait until the entire process is finished and restart the computer.

Things to keep in mind

Before you start to take back up of your important data, put it in order making some sub folders and files. In this way it can be easier to find it later. If you used a system restore disc to reset your laptop, don’t forget to remove it from the laptop disk drive after the process has finished and then restart your computer.


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