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Recovery Partition in HP TouchSmart® TM2t

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Learn about Recovery Partition in HP Touchsmart tm2t.

HP TouchSmart tm2t is a very advanced convertible tablet that comes at a very low price taking into account its advanced and distinctive features. Its 12.1” touch screen is able to swivel 180º and it supports Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit). Its 500GB hard drive and 4GB DDR3 places it among the best convertible tablets available on the market at present. More on, its TouchSmart technology allows the user to use both his fingers and the pen input to write, draw and navigate. It is an easy to use laptop with a distinctive and original designed.

All you have to know about a recovery partition in HP TouchSmart tm2t

  • What is a recovery partition?
  • How a recovery partition works?
  • How to recover a corrupted partition?

What is a recovery partition?

A recovery partition is a term used for media that contains backup of the factory settings or a favored condition of the computer as it was configured by its manufacturer or by its owner. Most of the time OEM recovery media is supplied along the computer. It allows the user to format his computer and to reinstall the computer operating system and, of course to reinstall the initial software.

A partition means a file spilt in two or more part to equate the programs used by the file. Most of the time hard drives are partitioned to be able to manage numerous operating systems.

How a recovery partition works?

A restore partition contains all the software and programs needed to image the computer hard disk again. It has the original data, drivers, programs, applications, etc that make your computer to run as it ran the day when you bought it.

You can use F11 to restore the partition but it is recommended to make recovery disks because they will help you to recover your data in case of a hard disk failure.

How to recover a corrupted partition?

When a file is partitioned it can become corrupted and in this case it will not allow you to open or to use a file. Fortunately you can recover the data from the corrupted file. For this you need a recovery program.

The first step in recovering a corrupted partition is to download the needed software. Select ‘Unlocker’ and then click on ‘Save File’. After the file was downloaded double click on it. You can find it in Downloads window. Click on ‘OK’ and select ‘Run’.

Now you have to select the corrupted file. Double click on it and then select ‘Unlocker’ option from the menu. A new window box will be opened and you will be able to see the lock that prevents you from opening the file. Select ‘Unlock All’ and click on ‘Quit. Now the locks will be removed and you will be able to access and use the file.

As long as the needed software is downloaded you can repeat the process for all the corrupted partitioned files.


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