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HP TouchSmart® BIOS

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Features of BIOS in HP TouchSmart PCs and methods for updating it

HP TouchSmart computers use the BIOS to control all hardware connected to your system. The BIOS is a program which is permanently stored in a chip on the motherboard. The BIOS is initiated as you turn on the system at first. The BIOS performs a hardware check and ensures that certain crucial pieces of hardware are present and functioning properly in the system. But, you could sometimes need to update the BIOS in your system. Addition of new as well as fast memory and peripherals requires an updated version of BIOS. Additional plug and play devices and installation of new operating system are other reasons behind the BIOS update.

Here are some tips to update BIOS in HP TouchSmart PCs:

  • Ensure the battery charge
  • Update BIOS through set-up file
  • Check the manufacturer’s website

Ensure the battery charge

The best method to update the BIOS in your HP TouchSmart PC is to check the battery at first. You need to ensure that the battery is charged and you could perform the BIOS update while using the power adapter connected to the system. It is also important to ensure that you are having a valid, correct image file of the BIOS straight from the manufacturer of the system.

Update BIOS through set-up file

There are two most commonly used methods to update BIOS in HP TouchSmart PCs. You could try using a set-up file from the manufacturer. You can perform the update through Windows OS also. It is also possible that the method could give you a disc image which is used to boot the system. With each of these methods, you need to follow the on-screen instructions and ensure that you are following the correct steps. After a clean reboot of the system, you could get the new version of the BIOS in your HP TouchSmart PC.

Check the manufacturer’s website

You could update the BIOS in your HP TouchSmart PC through the manufacturer’s website. The manufacturer’s website offers proper updates for the BIOS. To make this possible, you need to identify the current BIOS version. Then you need to check your system or motherboard manufacturer’s website for BIOS updates.


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