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Fix HP Wireless Mouse Not Working Issue

Are you puzzled with HP wireless mouse not working issue and want tips to fix it?

Wireless mouse is the latest type of mouse used to input information into the system. This input device uses latest wireless technology to interact with the system. In HP computers suppport users may be able to experience all the facilities of mouse, without connecting it with wires or cords. HP wireless mouse operates with radio frequency signals and also includes an RF transmitter integrated within it. The wireless mouse is capable of recording all the movements of the mouse. These movements are then transmitted as RF signals and sent to the RF receiver. It controls the system in a normal manner. However, there may arise issues within this HP wireless mouse and it may not work properly. These can be figured by checking quick settings and hardware configurations.

Following are some information about the issue when HP wireless mouse stops working, its possible causes and some tips to fix it:

  • Issues and causes
  • Check battery charge
  • Check receiver connection

Issues and causes

HP wireless mouse may not work properly. Users may not be able to input any data into the system. This in turn can affect the system performance and productivity. This problem with wireless mouse can occur due to many reasons, like improper connection, hardware and battery issues, etc.

Check battery charge

If you find that your wireless mouse is not working in your HP system, then it may be mainly due to the issues with batteries. If the battery becomes low, then the mouse may not be able to work properly. So, in order to solve this issue, users are recommended to check the batteries first. If required, you need to replace them. Users may also ensure that you use the specific battery designed by the vendor and also check whether these are properly inserted.

Check receiver connection

HP wireless mouse may not work due to improper connection of the receiver. If unknowingly you connect the receiver to a different port, then it may cause serious issue with HP wireless mouse. If the connected port is corrupt and if the port is experiencing any problem, then the wireless mouse may not work properly. In order to resolve this issue, you need to repair the port.


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